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Excellent documentaries about food, wine and passion.


Chef’s Table (2015)
An exquisitely well-made Netflix Original, Chef’s Table is a sophisticated docu-series which explores the imagination and culinary inspiration of the world’s top rated chefs, from Melbourne to California. Each featured chef has a unique style, which they explain in terms of their life experiences and personal struggles, all of which have contributed significantly to the different ways they approach cooking. One episode features molecular gastronomist Grant Achatz of Alinea, the highest rated restaurant in North America, whose culinary artistry is a marvel to behold. The obsessive Achatz applies his energetic creativity to combining science, art and food to dazzling effect.


Cooked (2016) Directors: Peter Bull, Alex Gibney, Ryan Miller, Caroline Suh

This Netflix Original is narrated by the American food writer Michael Pollan who shares thoughtful observations about food and its significance to human beings and their civilisations. Pollan advocates slower, more traditional methods of food preparation than our highly industrialised, fast-paced societies currently allow for. He underscores this simple approach to cooking by presenting his culinary ideas through four elemental lenses: Earth, Air, Fire, and Water.

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