Best Science and Nature Documentaries on Netflix Now

The Beginning of Life: The Series (2016) Director: Estela Renner

An excellent series on the crucial developmental stages of young human life that also challenges the idea of babies being born as “blank slates”.

Planet Earth (2006-) BBC

Planet Earth remains one of the most ambitious and perfectly realised attempts to document the endless forms of life on earth. It is both informative and deeply poetic.

The Gene Doctors (2017) Director: Rob Whittlesey

This documentary examines the very important work being done by a pioneering group of physicians known as “gene doctors” who are using genetic research to successfully identify and treat hereditary illnesses.

The Farthest Voyager in Space (2017) Director: Emer Reynolds

The Voyager spacecrafts have cast the human gaze into the furthest reaches of our solar system and beyond. The Farthest explores the incredible images and data the two ships have captured on their forty-year journey in space.

Star Men (2015) Director: Alison E. Rose

Alison E. Rose follows four British astronomers, who performed valuable work in the first NASA space missions to the moon, when they reunite as elderly men reflecting on their earlier careers and the difficult process of growing old.

The Story of Maths (2008) BBC

An excellent four-part BBC series about the history of mathematics and the way in which it has made the modern world.

Blue Planet (2001) BBC

A visually arresting docu-series about the incredible abundance of life below the ocean’s surface.

American Experience: Tesla (2016) Director: David Grubin

PBS does an excellent job of profiling the tragic genius of Nikola Tesla, one of the great minds of the late early 20th century whose innovative work went largely unrecognised in his own time.

The Secret Rules of Modern Living: Algorithms (2015) Director: David Briggs

Algorithms have brought you to this place at this moment in time, reading this sentence. In this documentary, the origin and progress of these hidden drivers and organisers of our everyday lives are examined.

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