Best of Mumblecore: Frances Ha, Tiny Furniture, Drinking Buddies, Happy Christmas

Mumblecore is a fitting genre for our voyeuristic age where we spend hours perusing the social media profiles of friends and strangers.

Indeed you will only enjoy these films if you are the sort of human who enjoys observing other humans. Mumblecore is often about “nothing”. Though it is not totally devoid of narrative or structure, the characters and plot are often situated in mundane settings with ordinary people and improvised dialogue.

There is a certainly an art to it, however.  It is minimalism in cinematic form. A good mumblecore film engages its audience with simple and subtle insights into quotidian life and its tragi-comedy (it is usually steeped in sharp humour).

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Drinking Buddies (2013) Director: Joe Swanberg

Director: Joe Swanberg

Country: United States

Duration: 90 minutes

Starring: Olivia Wilde, Jake Johnson


A second offering from Swanberg, Drinking Buddies centres around two close friends who work together at a Chicago brewery. Though they are both in relationships, they struggle with romantic feelings for one another.

Frances Ha (2012) Director: Noah Baumbach

Director: Noah Baumbach

Country: United States

Duration: 86 minutes

Starring: Greta Gerwig


This is a more mainstream mumblecore effort from well-known director Noah Baumbach about a 27 year-old woman in the throes of a quarter-life crisis, as she struggles with an itinerant, impecunious existence in New York.

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