Best Films About France

Cuisine, champagne, philosophy, aesthetics. The best of French culture on Netflix now.

Midnight in Paris (2011) Director: Woody Allen

A delightfully conceived film from Woody Allen. Midnight in Paris involves his usual offering of comic and dense dialogue, but with a little time travel thrown in for good measure.

The film stars Owen Wilson as an uninspired American writer who romanticises 1920s Paris. In surreal scenes he escapes the present day and travels back to that period where he meets his literary heroes Ernest Hemingway and F. Scott Fitzgerald.

Dior and I (2014) Director: Frederic Tcheng

When contemporary designer Raf Simons was invited to design a line of couture for the great French fashion house Dior, he was both terrified and excited.

Dior and I documents the time Simons spent creating the collection and also intersperses it with archival footage of Christian Dior himself. A figure who looms large in the mind of any designer who works for the sartorial powerhouse he founded.

Chef’s Table: France (2016) Creator: David Gelb

This country specific version of the excellent Netflix Original Series Chef’s Table profiles four Michelin starred chefs and their attempts to combine traditional methods of French cooking with bold  innovation.


A Year in Champagne (2014) Director: David Kennard

Champagne is one of France’s great contributions to the world. Yet little is known of the place where the effervescent liquid is grown and harvested.

A Year in Champagne travel to this chilly region in the North of France to meet vineyard owners and iconic brands such as Bollinger. They occupy a landscape that has endured many vicious wars and still bears the scars of those ordeals.


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