Nuremberg: Nazis on Trial

Directors: Paul Bradshaw, Nigel Paterson, Michael Wadding

Country: United Kingdom

Duration: Three Part Series


Though it makes for very serious Sunday viewing, there is an  excellent historical documentary on Netflix now, which explores the justice meted out to the Nazis after World War Two.

In Nuremberg: Nazis on Trial (2006) the post-war trials of senior Nazi officers, Hermann Goering, Albert Speer and Rudolf Hess, in Nuremberg 1945-6 are re-enacted in a three part docudrama which was produced by the BBC to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the judicial proceedings.

The films are tastefully made, with understated, convincing performances from the actors playing the three war criminals, with a particularly adept performance from Nathaniel Parker as the charismatic and cunning Albert Speer.

Nuremberg also contains a number of insightful interviews with former US army officers who were involved with the trial, as well as informative analysis from historian Richard Overy, an expert in WW2 and Nazi Germany.

The films’ only weakness is the strange decision by the filmmakers to have the actors playing the Nazis speak with English regional accents instead of German ones, which is confusing and inauthentic.

On the whole, however, the accents are but a minor flaw in what is otherwise a powerful dramatization of how some of the most evil acts of the 20th century were prosecuted and punished.

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